Vector: Launching Lockheed Martin's First April Fools' Campaign

Situation: At Lockheed Martin, known for being a weapons manufacturer, an April Fools' joke was a novel concept. As part of the Space line of business, our team had the unique opportunity to execute this idea.

Task: The objective was to create a multi-channel April Fools' campaign that would also promote our new newsletter, "Gateway to Space," and leverage our first use of HubSpot.

Action: Collaborated with the in-house creative team to conceptualize a faux product launch - a new perfume. Coordinated video and image assets, managed ad targeting and buying on social platforms, and controlled the campaign spend. Launched a teaser video a week prior and revealed the prank on April Fools' Day with a comprehensive video, driving traffic to a landing page for a fragrance sample giveaway and newsletter subscription. Additionally, collaborated with the tradeshow team for physical perfume giveaways and utilized a documentary-style video about space to enhance engagement.

Result: The campaign successfully gathered about 19,000 email addresses, significantly benefiting both government/military and recruitment target audiences. It also resulted in the highest performing landing page on Lockheed Martin’s website, with over 250,000 visits.

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